Body Alteration Kitchen 美女廚房

Lai Wing Yan 賴詠欣

Honour Project

Sculpture ( Plaster )
雕塑 ( 石膏 )
Size Variable

This art expresses my insecurity towards my body shape. Although people around me always say I am not fat, I just keep telling myself if I am thinner, I would look prettier and be happier . Sometimes I starve myself or eat little to pursue what is perceived to be beautiful. It is unreasonable that I regret and feel sinful when I am full. If I do not feel hungry before sleep at night, I would blame myself for eating ‘too much’. I would like to share how my insecurity towards my body shape affects my health and self-confidence.

The setting is a kitchen. It is a place where people can do whatever they like to turn the normal ingredients into tasty dishes. I ‘alter ’ my imperfect body parts by cutting, peeling and flattening them.I compare this with pursuing the ideal beauty in unhealthy ways (i.e. Go on diet blindly or undergo plastic surgery).

這件作品表達我對自己身材的不安。 社會對美的標準令我連吃飽也覺得是罪孽,這樣的我有心理 病。我以切、削、碌去「修改」我認為不完美的身體部份,展示 以不健康的方法追求完美外表為身體帶來的傷害。