Connection 連繋

Lai Cheuk Kiu 黎倬僑

Honour Project

Wearables ( Wool )
穿戴物品 ( 羊毛 )
230 x 200 x 180 cm

Under capitalism, the concept of individualism informs our society. We, as human beings, have become egocentric and selfish as every individual needs to compete for individual profit, goals and desires. In fact, society involves a composite of multifarious patterns of relationships between individuals, forming different social parties and institutions to share duties and take part in overall social effort. It is a misconception for us to be too independent and self-reliant, in that everyone only demands the right to serve his or her own interests, without taking the interests of society into consideration. Human selfishness leads to mass destruction of the natural environment as well. We believe that we are the central or most significant species on the planet and nature should be ours to take. Therefore I decided to use natural wool and knit a series of wearable design which connects individuals together physically.

社會本是由不同個體建構出來,但人類為了個人利益和欲望競爭變得自私自利,不會考慮大眾和 社會的利益,還導致自然環境受到大規模的破壞。我以一系列羊毛編織的作品表現出人與人,以 及與大自然之間應互相協作的訊息。