Huang Sum Yi 黃心怡

Honour Project

Size Variable

Art to me is a chance to unveil my inner feelings. This piece contains my feeling as one of the rootless diaspora. As a migrant from Xiamen but have been living in Hong Kong for two decades, I am uncertain about my role, just like standing in between any culture. Reading a travel guide is a simple way to know a place, briefly and probably subjectively. Someone made it for purpose but it does not show the true face of the area or make you feel the city. For me, looking at both towns, I am also like an outsider reading a travel guide.

我在廈門出生,擁有香港身份証二十年,作為移居者,無法道 出自己與本地人的分別,但差異卻在。 兩個城市對我來說都存在距離感,我像是一個拿著旅遊書 研究的過客。