Mothers' Bellies 犧牲

Ho Yee Yan 何苡欣

Honour Project

Poster Colour on Paper
3 pieces:
114.3 x 114.3cm
76.2 x 114.3cm
76.2 x 114.3cm

Most mothers have a wrinkly belly after their pregnancy . Some may also have a long cesarean scar . Those scars and wrinkles are the best trophies of mothers and the evidence of their great love. Mothers made the ultimate sacrifice to give birth to their babies. Childbirth is tough. It is difficult, dangerous and sometimes even life threatening. Mothers deserve praise and respect.

媽媽懷胎十月的「獎勵」,除了可愛的嬰兒外,也有毫不可愛 的妊娠紋,甚至是一道剖腹疤。 懷孕生產絕不容易,母親走過鬼門關才誕下兒女。這些烙印 見証偉大母愛,母親是應得到尊重讚賞。