CHUI Sze Ling 徐詩翎

Honour Project

Oil on Canvas
200 x 136 cm
120 x 100 cm

Bellflower is tiny and dense. Different from other flowers, bellflower does not grow against gravity. It gazes the earth when in blossom, it goes to earth when withered. I paint the flower situated at the lowest height and freeze the time of blossom and the process of withering. Despite its fate, in gloom, its life is of high dignity, both in blossom and when near demise. She is a metaphor of life.

吊鐘花微小而密集。 有別於其他花卉,她是向下而生的,從花開凝視著塵土,至凋 零亦落於塵土。 我以近距離繪畫樹上最低層的花,把花開與花落的過程凝 固。即使一生注定向下,吊鐘花在幽暗的環境中,無論是開花 或在即將逝去時,也活得尊貴。 她隱喻了生命的價值。