Dear Augustyn

CHEUNG Shut Wai, Mally 張述惠

Honour Project

Book Installation
50 x 100 cm

The work Dear Augustyn is based on a vintage written schedule book from 1970 that I bought in Prague during the Summer of 2013. After a year, I motivated myself to start an investigation on the schedule book and its owner. I am an investigator tracing back to the life of this total stranger in 1970. I investigated the stranger by translating the schedule book and researching different aspects of 1970 Czech Republic.

前年夏天,我在布拉格二手書店買了一本陌生人在1970年 用過的schedule book。最近,我開始翻譯並查探這位陌生 人那一年的生活。調查之間,我認識了1970年間捷克豐富的 歷史。同時,這位陌生人的事,也勾起我一些鎖碎的回憶。