Ambiguous Distance

CHEUNG Man Yan 張雯欣

Honour Project

300 x 300 x 300 cm

The farthest distance is when two people are close to each other but still feel far apart. We meet different people with different attitudes as we grow up, which means we carry more and more identities. Somehow the identities are like burdens. This phenomenon reminds me of an onion. When you are trying to tear off the layers one by one, it brings you to tears and touches your emotional heart. If we shed all of our identities and just be ourselves, we will find the most real and pure side of people. This work is trying to show this delicate relationship in present society.

最遙遠的距離是當兩人在一起時,仍感覺到距離的存在。 現代人與人的關係已不再單純,當我們接觸不同的人便 自然以不同的身份面對,從而形成一人多重身份的現像, 而這些身份卻不知不覺變成負擔,令人與人之間出現一道 隔膜。我想藉此作品道出現代社會中,人們間產生的這種 微妙關係。