Soon We Will Be Found

CHEUNG Ho Yi 張浩兒

Honour Project

Digital Photography Prints
6 pieces: 80 x 60 cm

Soon We Will be Found is a journey of me being a photographer, an observer of humanity. Through this body of work, I capture the responses of feeling and emotion from my subject: their behaviors, beliefs, scars, wounds, fears, dreams and perspectives, in order to express my inner self. I use my sensitivity to create visual languages in photography to document lives. I retain moments of intense emotion and humans’ dignity. Through a set of photographic images, I hope to engage my audience, raise awareness, and question human existence. For me, photography is about the way I observe and listen to the subject and to record this as a reflection.

通過這些照片,呈現了我對被攝者的情緒、行為、信念、疤 痕、創傷、恐懼、夢想和觀點的一些點感受。 我憑自身的視覺感受和敏感度,來記錄四周的人和生活,保 留一些強烈的感情和對人類的尊重。我的目標是要引起觀 眾自身的意識,並讓他們參與這次視覺之旅,也要喚起我們 對存在的重視和意義。對我來說,攝影是聆聽主體和記錄所 反射的方式。