CHAU Wai Ting 周蔚庭

Honour Project

Mixed Media
( Glass, Wood )
( 玻璃、木 )
300 x 30 x 50 cm

As a relative novice to the hot glass world, I keep exploring and pushing myself to “become friends” with the material and its techniques. Unexpectedly, it gives me something that I’ve never imagined: the endlessness of the glass cane. Its twisting and turning, continues to fascinate me ever since I first saw it. Even though glass canes are common and merely a raw material within the larger processes of working with glass, I feel that they have the potential to be much more; frozen evidence of a collaborative effort over time and gravity.

作為一個吹玻璃的初學者,我不斷的發挖及推動自己和它磨 合。玻璃給了我很多意想不到過的東西。我第一次見到這個 扭紋時,感到十分驚歎,因為這紋理已顯出了無盡。然而,我 並未以傳統的方式去利用這個紋飾,卻讓它停在此刻。因為 它自身已顯出了地心吸力和時間的關係。