Flowery of Fist with Fancy Footwork

CHAN Wai Kit 陳偉傑

Honour Project

Oil on Canvas
Size Variable

Kung fu is a specific practice in martial arts. It looks for perfection while, it obeys the perfection of natural laws. PERFECTION is aesthetic and these relationships with perfection resides in kung fu’s aesthetic values. When kung fu is transformed into cultural products (such as film and manga), the aesthetic elements are refined and translated into lines, flow and rhythms. My painting is informed by these aesthetic elements of kung fu.

功夫,應用外在及內在自然法則而創造的身體應用。 自 然 法 則 是 完 滿 的 ,「 完 滿 」 是 「 美 」 的 。 這些「美」,寄宿在遵從此「完滿」的功夫的線條、流動及節 奏中。 這些「美」,如今亦成為我繪畫的觸媒。