Dustin Story

Wong Pik Yu


Illustration book :20.5cm x 27cm, installation: Size variable

This is a story of Dustin. Dustin is dust, who is always unsatisfied about his life. He never leaves the corner of his old house in his whole life. Dreaming to travel to other places always appears in his mind. Dustin always thinks everyone’s existence is for a reason, but he is unsure about his meaning of life. The journey of him finding himself starts by chance in one day. The ‘Dustin Story’ illustrates his journey and includes dialogs between him and different animals, also other ‘dusts’, in this world. These encounters inspire him a lot and make him starting to want to know more about the reason to live, and meaning and purpose of life. The illustration book is accompanied with an installation work of volcano and cloud that creates an alternative reading experience, also related to the storyline. Audience can dive into Dustin’s whimsical journey and share the joy of reasoning one’s existence. * The name of Dustin means the brave traveler.



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