Pook Yik Lok


91.5cm x 61cm (3 pcs)

My experiences at AVA have focused on graphic design and photography. I study what is superficial and focus on the perception of beauty. My work explores the connotation of beauty in an Asian context. In Hong Kong, an Asian business city, the beauty of women has always been suppressed and subjugated by the perception of men. In an Asian historical context, beauty was conservative. Skin was fully wrapped with over sized clothing, hair bound and little or no traces of make-up worn. Over the years, the perception of beauty has changed. From my experience in the fashion industry, I have witnessed how beauty has become more artificial. Excessive make-up and surgery have broken the truth of what is beauty. Through my project, I challenge and reconfigure how beauty is perceived as opposed to our stereotypical form of beauty in the modern context.



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