In Between

Pang Jing



My creative art works focus on wearable art and the exploration of materiality and body. Based on different theme, I sculpt wearable pieces on human bodies in order to discover the possibility of various materials, form and structure. I wish to create a novel view on wearable piece that combines fine handcraft techniques with digital technology. Materials I used in every project may not be the same. Yet, they are linked by subject matter that determines the forms and the relations of the artists and the receivers. 

I use moving image to work on my wearable piece in order to investigate the relationship between wearable and unwearable. It is ambitious and yet meaningful to challenge boundaries of “clothing”. The generalized definition of “clothing” is the coverings on human bodies which is touchable in a conventional sense. 

The construction of smoke dress defies logic. The exploration between touchable and untouchable, formless and solid, changes and unchanges, illusion and reality.



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