Soliloquy inside the room

Lai Ka Hang


480cm x 410cm x 460cm, 5”7’

I have acquired a special sensitivity towards this flourishing but oppressed cityscape. I draw inspirations from daily observations and transcend the experiences into artistic expressions. This project is in two parts, a site-specific work and an installation in the gallery. The chosen site is a long vacated store on Nam Kok Road 1 in Kowloon City. I personify the store as a living object since she can be said to have witnessed time passing by in the city. In my thought she has lots of feelings towards her experiences on the site especially the present stage – being vacated. I used a small room to metaphorize the innermost of the store and let audience to explore her independent world. Inside the room, you can try to feel her. You would have a connection with the store, and some feelings to her current situation.



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