A Meal A Journey

Ho Yan Wa


130cm x 100cm

Tableware plays an important role in a meal. Its form is closely related to the tactile feeling of the hands on it and the food in it. In this work, I am exploring the delicate relationship among tableware, food, hands and the illustrative patterns. 

Eating is a process of emptying food in the container. When the food is finished, the inner space is revealed. This process, together with the form of tableware as well as food, inspires my imagination of a narrative, which is expressed by illustration on the inner surface of the tableware. 

In the process of making, I appreciate the tactile relationship between my hands and clay. When I throw, not only am I moulding the clay, but clay is also responding to me. Thus the form of what I handmade reveals how my hands interact with it, and in turn the form complements the illustration and the food.