My Innocent World

Chu Siu Mei

Mixed Media

150cm x 150cm x 55cm, 150cm x 150cm x 72cm

Everyone used to be an innocent child. Unfortunately, we couldn’t remain this state forever, but this doesn’t mean we can’t choose to be an innocent adult. In the animated film “My Neighbor Totoro”, the main characters are kindhearted, making me believe that this world could be the same, to envision a place with peace, without suffering and deception. My project consists of two individual works, one made out of fabrics that are sourced and taken from my personal belongings. This piece represents my childhood, evoking an idea of a vibrant and joyful playground. To keep intact with this atmosphere, the cotton used to support the structure derived from my own stuffed toys. On the contrary, the other piece uses various means of metal and plastic to represent my present state, as an innocent adult. The material helps create a narrative of this eternal and wonderful world that sits in my heart. I would like to bring my audience to recall their own sense of innocence, as they come into my visual world.



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