Mask. You and Me.

Cheung Kwan Ha

InstallationMixed Media

Glass masks: 17cm x 15cm x 2cm (19 pcs), wooden box: 22.8cm x 22.8cm x 22.8 (19 pcs)

I use glass as material (media), use my face to mold the glass masks, mold repeatedly, firing in different colors, different textures, the portrayal of our isolation (you, me, him), lack of interaction. We live in the urban jungle, where the dazzling neon seems to shine infinitely, but we lack awareness of being stuck in a cold, dark cement box, forgetting to communicate with the outside world. I want to use those beautiful glass masks, wrapped in black wooden box to show different people of similar lives, adorable but lonely. I wish to draw the viewer’s attention and to break the boundary, away from the distant and live in the moment.



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