The annual graduation exhibition at the Academy of Visual Arts is to showcase and honor the creations, talents and efforts of these final year students. This year, we bring an eclectic collection of works of 102 graduates from various artistic disciplines.This year’s showcase offers an eclectic art that marries both traditional techniques with more innovative ways of expression, including painting, photography, installation art, ceramics and more.“AVA B.A. Grad-Show 2014” is held at Kai Tak Campus of Hong Kong Baptist University, a Grade-1 historic building that was formerly a Royal Air Force Officer’s Mess. Surrounded by nature and architectural uniqueness of its kind, the campus offers an idyllic atmosphere for students to demonstrate their creativity and achieve success in their artistic pursuits freely.
於前身為「英國皇家空軍軍官俱樂部」,現為一級文物古蹟的「啟德校園」舉行畢業展覽,是歷屆AVA BA GRAD-SHOW的傳統。它除了是一個讓藝術靈感自由傾流的地方,更是一個樹影婆娑、獨一無二的藝術空間,無論是在此習藝的學生還是參觀人士,都可以在 此得到不一樣的藝術體驗。在此,AVA BA Grad-Show 2014展出102位藝術畢業生的畢業作品 ── 表揚這102個新鮮想法、102段學藝生涯小結、102份才能與努力。預祝各位畢業同學的創作、才能和付出得到回報,收獲102份欣賞與肯定。展覽作品媒介多樣,包括繪畫、雕塑、水墨、中國書法、陶瓷、玻璃、裝置藝術、首飾、穿戴物品、攝影、媒體藝術、插畫、字體設計、書冊裝幀設計等。觀眾可以從中得到跨領域藝術體驗,並加深對視覺藝術的認識和興趣。 誠邀各位前來,見證這102位藝術新鮮人的成長與結晶。



Exhibition Opening / 開幕
30/5 18:00
Exhibition Period / 展期
31 /5–22 /6
MON–THU/ 星期一至四/10:00–18:00
Venue / 場地
AVA Kai Tak Campus, HKBU
51 KwunTong Road, Kowloon